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Aman Insurance Company

Welcome to Aman Insurance Company Aman Insurance Co.(Y.S.C) Was Established In August. 1993. Its current paid-up capital is Yer. 800,000,000. Aman is now Considered to be one of the Prominent Insurance Companies In Yemeni Market.
Aman Insurance Company

Distinguish from others and find out what is new

1- The company occupies a prominent position and is one of the leading companies in the Yemeni insurance market.

2 - The company carries out commercial insurance business of all types and Islamic insurance (Takaful) according to the desire of customers and the need of the market.

3. High financial capacity, technical reserves and Aman Insurance Tower.

4. Providing insurance services quickly through customer service and fast payment of compensation.

5- Providing free services, consultations and studies for all the needs of insurance customers through its employees at the main office and its branches in most Yemeni governorates.

6. Health insurance business.

7. Practice issuing travel documents to any country in the world.

8 - spread of branches of the company in most governorates of the Republic of Yemen.