Cars Insurance

Introduction to Insurance:
 The idea of ​​insurance has long been the idea of ​​solidarity and cooperation among individuals at risk, and was the basis of this evolution is the cooperation of a group of individuals to face the dangers that may be the property of one of them to such dangers, where the development of this cooperation to include all segments of society through check the main objective of the The idea of ​​insurance is the presence of a large number of individuals involved in this cooperation.
Introduction to Car Insurance:
The car insurance branch is one of the main branches of all insurance companies for the following reasons:
- The increase in the number of cars in the streets due to the development and economic revival
- The car cover protects a large segment of community members
- Car premiums represent the highest percentage of total insurance premiums
- Increasing the number of accidents. This type of insurance has attracted the attention of workers in the insurance sector, the public and the state.
Car Insurance Policy:
Is a binding contract required the insurer (insurance company) whereby to compensate the insured for the loss result of a covered accident in the insurance contract and multiple methods of compensation repair or replaced or pay a sum of money in return premium of money determined on the basis of the value of the car (market value).
Types of car insurance: -
- Third party insurance (civil liability to the public)
- full insurance.
- Third party insurance with the addition of fire and theft risk.